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Quite Extraordinary

Tell the viewers at home and tell the kids on the street
And if you've just got in from work, now you're in for a treat
The half-times are up on the screen
There's too many words and too many teams
I can't be bothered to read them all out
So pick your favourites and give them a shout

Incredible, Remarkable, Quite Extraordinary,

There's too many songs about sex these days
Let's get back to familier ways
Let's talk politics and sex but first of all Emlyn
What happened next?

Frank Bough's doing well these days
Since he left Grandstand for higher pay
Breakfast Time, Holiday '88
Paid to party, yeah Frank's doing great
Meanwhile I'm stuck in this rut
Same routine year in year out
It's predictable every summer
Mispronouncing the Kenyan runners
It gets worse in the winter
with the god-damn videprinter
That's Stenhousemuir's 13th game without a scoring draw
Incredible, Remarkable, Quite Extraordinary

Ask any man on any street
and he'll tell you
Maradona's a cheat
His goal had the whole world enticed
If that's the hand of god then I'm Jesus Christ
Incredible, Remarkable, Quite Extraordinary

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* unreleased.

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