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I, Ludicrous are the second best band around, bettered only by The Fall. The band achieved immortality in 1987 when their seminal flexi release reached the dizzy heights of number 11 in John Peel's Festive 50. Meet the men responsible...

I, Ludicrous have been the second best band around, bettered only by The Fall, since they formed in Endymion Road, Brixton, London during 1986. John and Will had become confederates whilst working for Finsbury Data Services - aka Textline - filling the dull days of clerking by amusing each other with jokes, anecdotes, fall lyrics and nasty comments about their colleagues. A homemade 4 track cassette somehow found its way into the mits of Mark E Smith who - without telling them - promptly booked them to support the Fall at a top London venue. The band achieved immortality the following year when their seminal flexi release reached the dizzy heights of number 11 in John Peel's Festive 50. This was followed up by the debut album It's Like Everything Else which also found its way into the top ten of the indie charts. Despite massive sales of the album plus the follow-up single Quite Extraordinary the record label went bankrupt leaving the boys in limbo - and penniless - for a few years until A Warning to the Curious was released on Rodney Rodney Records. This was followed by Light and Bitter (named after the band's favourite tipple) before Idiots Savants was released on their own label in 1992 including the track We Stand Around - voted single of the week in NME by guest reviewers New Order (in true Ludicrous style the single was only available in Germany). The glowing reviews of Idiots Savants provided a much needed boost for the band and is still thought by many to be their finest work. Having never given up the joy of working for a living (as in William Blake), the pressures of work, sport, families and drinking meant that the band went quiet for a few years before releasing the Approaching 40 EP. The Museum of Installation was released in 2004 on their own label. The latest release is Deadpan Alley - a compilation of early material including the original Preposterous Tales - available exclusively through the official website.

Meet the men responsible...
Name: William Hung
Date of birth: 4th November 1956
Place of birth: London
Current residence: Sutton
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 11 stone
Education: Wallington High
Aberystwyth University
Current job: Commercial writer, analyst
Favourite Fall song: Older Lover
Favourite other records: I Am The Walrus
Jet Boy (New York Dolls)
Dirt (Stooges)
Satellite (Sex Pistols)
  Musical influences: Beatles
  Favourite obscure band: Die Busfahrer
  Favourite authors: Graham Greene
Emile Zola
David Lodge
  Favourite journalists: Victor Lewis-Smith
  Things most likely to say: Have you got a light?
  Things least likely to say: I hope Chelsea win this afternoon
  Sporting prowess: Captain of Cudham Cricket Club
  Likes: Television
Tomato soup
  Dislikes: B-list celebrities
Ron Noades
  Champagne moment: Palace 4 Liverpool 3
  Darkest hour: Getting a kicking from Everton fans
  In 10 years time: Living in a village in SE Asia

Name: John Procter
Date of birth: 9th May 1957
Place of birth: Epsom
Current residence: Sutton Scotney, Hants
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 12 and a half stone
Education: Glyn High
Leeds University
Current job: Computer programmer
Favourite Fall song: Living Too Late
Favourite other records: Squalidy Inn (Heavy Metal Kids)
Satellite (Sex Pistols)
Skinheads (The Finks)
Musical influences: The Fall
Syd Barrett
Favourite obscure band: I, Ludicrous
The Finks
Favourite authors: M. R. James
Truman Capote
Charles Bukowski
Favourite journalists: Jonathan Romney
Kevin Jackson
Things most likely to say: Have you got a fag?  
Things least likely to say: It's my round  
Sporting prowess: Qualified referee
Went round Dorking in 88
Likes: Gardening  
Dislikes: Small businessmen
Mark Goldberg
Champagne moment: Hearing three lads singing
Preposterous Tales on train back from a Fall gig
Darkest hour: 1-2am 10/11/1985  
In 10 years time: Singing 'Approaching 50'  

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