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John's had a sort out in his loft and has found some boxes of records and CDs that he's willing to part with to you, the discerning fan. The majority of I, Ludicrous product is now long deleted and can only be found in rarity catalogues and bargain bins. The following is still available, but, as the old saying goes: "buy now to avoid disappointment".


Live in London (DVD) ** NEW **
Chav it Up / Bloody Proud / Argument in the Laundrette / The Highland League / Chinese Businessman / We're the Support Band / Spock's Brain / Ruby Wax / Stuck in a Lift With Noel Edmonds // The Dirty Washing Video E.P.


Dirty Washing (CD) ** NEW **
Argument in the laundrette / The Highland League / The Ruby Wax Song / Chav it up with Jeremy Kyle / Finding things out about John

The Museum of Installation (CD Album)
Valediction (Like A Moron) / I've Never Been Hit By Mark E. Smith / The Museum of Installation / We're The Support Band / Graham Drew's Party / Get Out More / Bring On The Substitute / Approaching 40 / English Football 2003 / When I Worked At Textline / Bar-room Bore
Approaching 40 (CD Single)
Approaching 40 / Football, Beer and a Cigarette / Autobiography / Away from the Rabble
Hats Off to Eldorado/Man's Man (7" Single)
Hats Off To Eldorado / Hackeyís Wine Bar / Manís Man / Our Mates

Dirty Washing (T-Shirt)
Please specify size - S, L or XL
Only a few Small size left!!


Prices include postage and packing for UK and EC. Add another £1 per order for rest of world. Will accept US dollars on basis of £1 = US$2.00 and Euros at £1 = €1.50 via Paypal (PayPal address In case of query please contact .

e.g. Live in London = (£8.00 + £1.00 posting) x 2 = US$18.00

Send orders (UK cheques payable to 'I, Ludicrous') to:

I, Ludicrous,
9, Holmbury Grove,
Surrey CRO 9AN,

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